TV, Internet and Home phone

Here are some links to get an overview of the different available plans, as bundles or for each separate service.



COMCAST -- Main cable TV provider in SF.


ATT – Depending on your neighborhood, ATT can offer plans including Internet and homephone.





For your TV, you can choose the satellite option. Check Dish network or Direct TV.



In order to find the best rates on the market, here are 2 websites that can be very useful tools:


All Connect

TV, Internet, Phone, Utilities…

All available plans, contingent to your location (providers and rates). Water, Electricity... but also relevant for communication device.


Cable Mover

Cable providers... which leads to... Comcast.






Skype Is it really worth mentioning?


Check your cell plan. With most of them, you can add an International Calls option which gives access to affordable international calling rates.



Phone cards: 

You have to dial a code as a first step to get interesting calling rates.

Available in most grocery stores and specifically @ Walgreens.

Cons: lines are often saturated and dialing this neverending code can be tedious.




Registering on their website is required and then, you have to credit an account as you would do on Skype. In exchange for an international phone number, you get a local one. Rates are really competitive and it's way more convenient than phone cards.

Their website



The purpose is to use the Internet connexion to get lower rates on your local and international calls. It does ass a bill, but it soounds good to call the family abroad. You mmay encounter some issues with some numbers, like the French ones beginning with 09.

Their website