Pilates Story, a brand new classical Pilates studio, has opened it’s door at 183 West Portal Avenue. We met with Hélène and Hye-yeon who partnered in this (ad)venture.

Whether you leave for some months, years or forever, whether you chose it or put up with it, settling down in a new country is an overwhelming experience.

We are all aware of it and experience it! Screens from TV, computer, cells, tablets are wearying our eyes. Coach for Eyes gives us 5 ideas to alleviate the tiredness. To be followed and shared!

Coach for Eyes 

Your body needs some conditioning. Same story for your eyes!

We just met Nathalie, a French orthoptist, who launched Coach for Eyes in San Francisco.

When you settle in, we advise you to quickly find a family doctor. Indeed, registering as a ‘’new patient’’ at a medical office may not be as easy as one could expect it. So you’d better do it before you really become sick…

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