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Sunset scavenger 

Golden Gate Disposal  


Sunset Scavenger Company

250 Executive Park Blvd. Suite 2100
Customer Service: (415) 330-1300


Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Co

900 Seventh Street
Customer Service: (415) 626-4000


Both companies on the same website,

Monthly rates = around 25$ (for the weekly collection of your 3 containers).

Check the list of recyclable ''stuff''.

Check the list of compostable ''stuff''.


Print them and put them on your refrigerator...



In case you can't wait the weekly collection


Recycling center in SF

Since 1974, the Council has sponsored an operated the recycling center at Kezar Stadium. Proceeds from the recycling are used to fund neighborhood and community programs that serve resident and residential needs and which enhance communication between neighbors and neighborhoods.
(See video)

780 Frederick Street, At the Southwest end of Kezar Stadium
Entrance: Frederick Street @ Arguello

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday  9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Sunday: 12:00 pm to  4:00 pm.
Returnable bottles and co: 

Monday - Saturday  10:00 am to 3:00 pm only.





Batteries: Walgreens, Whole Foods, Cole Hardware


Lightbulbs: Cole Hardware


Winecorks: Whole Foods


Those are only some examples. Just go and check on You will find all the addresses you can think of, to drop all the ''stuff'' you don't dare to throw in the regular garbage bin.  EcofindeRRR.





Green Citizen

San Francisco Center 591 Howard Street (@ 2nd street)
415.287.0000 x102


Computer Recycling Center

Marina Green Parking lot, 100 Marina Blvd


Best Buy

The company communicates about its environment oriented commitment.

''You trust us when it's time to buy the latest electronics. You can also trust us to help you safely dispose of your old ones.''

Recycling  according to Best Buy.




San Francisco Dump


Public disposal and recycling areas... for specific, sometimes hazardous waste.

More information on Sunset Scavenger website

501 Tunnel avenue SF, CA 94134