French Bee's inaugural flight from Paris to Tahiti with a stop in San Francisco took place on May 11, 2018. Sabrina, our favorite photographer and I, were fortunate enough to join the press tour organized by the company. We were off for a week in Paradise. Here is a short story of a memorable experience.

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People would be leaving SF in droves? Facts and figures seem to tell a different story.

Le Marché on Fourth, Juliette Binoche, Les Parisiennes, Her, Manera... 



On May Fourth,



Art Market San Francisco, celebrating its 8th edition, returns to the Festival Pavilion at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center.

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For the 2018 edition, Coachella's organizers paid some tribute to the French electro music, inviting one of its pioneers and trailblazers, Jean-Michel Jarre, and one of its youngest protagonists with Petit Biscuit. 



Petit Biscuit will perform at the Fox Theater-Oakland on April 18, 2018 and Jean-Michel Jarre will at the City National Civic on April 15, 2018. LostinSF invites you to participate to its Giveaway contests in order to win 2 tickets to each of these 2 concerts.



Movies, theater, live music and concerts, exhibition and literature, all with a strong French inclination.



Concerts, movies, sports and summer in San Francisco. That is the program of our newsletter.




Now in San Francisco with a French quelque chose.



French Bee just announced it will now land at SFO on its way to Tahiti... > The best options to travel from Paris to SF, non-stop.



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