Dry cleaning, sewing and alteration

Dry cleaning joints, who offers wash and fold and alteration services can be found everywhere in San Francisco. Prices depend on the neighborhood and quality of work. For a shirt, the Wash&Fold price is more or less $2 and dry cleaning is more or less $5.


The company Laundry Locker provides a convenient drop off - pick up service. Custom designed lockers are located at different places in SF. Could be cheaper than some neighborhood dry cleaners. Open 24H. Free next day delivery.  

Locations : Laundry Locker


San Francisco Tailors

Sewing and alterations. Nice, quick (same day), trustworthy, not expensive...

109 Geary street, floor M. Financial District. (415) 392-6611.


Arlene’s cleaner.

Dry cleaning and alteration.

2017 Chestnut street, Marina. (415) 922 8386.