Lyft's IPO took place a few weeks ago. And, as planned, Uber followed its competitor with its own one on May 10. Now, what impact will it have, especially on the real estate prices in the Bay Area?

Recent datas suggest that the real estate market in San Francisco and the Bay Area is actually slowing down. It might be too early to affirm it completely, but it is true that some signs tend to let think it is.

Spring is traditionally a very active period of the year for the housing market in San Francisco.

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While we wait for the rain to stop and for the market to give some sign of its direction this spring, let’s take a look at what’s going on around us.

[Partner article] We recently met Marylene Notarianni, a French American real estate broker in the Bay Area. With the new year beginning, Marylene has quite naturally taken a look at 2016 and is giving you her best wishes for 2017.


All the news is still gravitating towards Trump's elections and first actions. Misha Weidman gives us his feeling about the San Francisco real estate market with the first after elections impact.

San Francisco's Hottest Neighborhoods:  Not Where You Might Think. Let's take a closer look following Misha Weidman's investigation and analysis.

To better anticipate 2016, we asked Misha Weidman to synthesize for us the main trends of San Francisco Real estate in 2015.

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