With the brand new renovated TLF, the show can go on, better than ever.

We knew it already, we even went to some recent shows there, but is is now official. The brand new renovated TLF is open. We attended the inauguration ceremony last March 29, 2018.


Emmanuel TEXIER, Head of School and Erick MOREAU, President of the Board of Trustees were on stage to open the ceremony dedicated to the inauguration of the renovated Theater of the Lycée Français de San Francisco


Emmanuel Texier - Proviseur du LFSF


Emmanuel LEBRUN-DAMIENS, Consul General of France, and Katy TANG, representative on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, followed them for their interventions, and to proceed with the ribbon cutting ritual.


The Lycée Français de San Francisco Theater (TLF) is a true American-style success story, based on real French know-how. Built in 1979 and acquired by LFSF in 2007, this building is classified as a historical monument and used to be part of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Its 325 seats auditorium has one of the best acoustics in town.


The TLF is a French cultural beacon in the Bay of San Francisco, welcoming renowned artists featured in a professional and eclectic programming. Since 2008, more than 50 shows have been produced on the TLF stage entertaining over 5,000 visitors. Strong of this success, in 2017, the school mobilized its community at large to renovate the auditorium and launched a large fundraising campaign.


While some of the focus went to stylishly preserving  the mid-century modern beauty of the original theater design, most of the effort was invested on upgrading the sound and lighting system along with the integration of a professional cinema screen allowing the TLF to become both a professional stage and a movie theater.


The inauguration was at the same time a solemn ceremony and and a friendly moment.


Emmanuel Texier, and then Erick MOREAU, introduced the event. Then Katy Tang, kindly started in French to pay tribute to the identity of the school and to conclude, Emmanuel LEBRUN-DAMIENS quoted both Shakespeare and Molière.


Without mentioning other personalities who could not attend but recorded videos, that have been showing on the brand new... screen: Christophe BOUCHARD, AEFE's director, Roland LESCURE, French deputy, and Jean-Michel BLANQUER, the French Secretary of Education.


They all congratulated the Lycée, its administration, all the actors who were part of the project and reasserted how the TLF contributes to the cultural aura among the local French community.


In the end, all greetings and support went to Frédéric PATTO, who, for the last 10 years, did not spare any effort to develop the TLF and make it a key venue in San Francisco.



The LFSF's GOT TALENT, many talents actually ! The show at the inauguration proved it once again. The chorus by the young 2nd graders, then the theater performance by Seniors, and also the 3 young women at the piano and singing with a powerful voice enchanted the public.


LostinSF has been supporting the TLF from the very beginning. Bravo Frédéric Patto, and thank you to the LFSF for bringing to San Francisco the best of the French theatrical productions.