The French film Orchestra Class by Rachid Hami is a sweet and inspiring tune

Orchestra Class - the French film by Rachid Hami whose title in French was ''La Mélodie'' - will be presented at the Clay Theatre on November 8, 2018. It is one of these movies that leave you delighted, inspired and smiling.


It is a pleasure to watch La Mélodie (Orchestra Class). Of course, you will always find grumpy people to say that it is too simple, to easy, that real life is tough and things don't happen like this, that it is too naive and optimistic. So? What about optimism actually. What is the  problem? We know that we can't build anything on fears that paralyze people's ability to think, to dare, to create. While hopes, enthusiasm and positive thinking, on the contrary, help us thrive and inspire us to try new things.


One of the main qualities of the movie is that it is based on a great story. We love the kids, we love the teachers and professors - Kad Merad and Samir Guesmi are perfect -, we love the parents. The casting is great (the young Arnold is so mature and his performance is so moving) and definitely contributes to make the whole scenario believable.




Orchestra Class is also like a lesson. It is all about kindness, goodwill, respect, optimism. It shows that when people come together, when you add some patience, some perseverance and dedication, some talent, a lot of work, and a lot of support... it works.


And whatever grumpy people may say, these values are the only ones able to lead us to greater accomplishments.


Orchestra Class is teaching us crucial values, as parents, as teachers, as kids, as citizens.


At last, the movie really insists on one fundamental thing that is at the heart of any learning process: the desire to do it and having fun, enjoying doing it. It sounds like a life lesson, doesn't it?



The story briefly ...

Simon, approaching fifty, is a distinguished violinist, but he’s at a low point in his life and career. He winds up teaching a 6th-grade orchestra class at a Parisian middle school, under the direction of the kindly Mr. Farid. He gets off to a rocky start and his strict teaching style doesn’t help him connect with the more difficult students. One of these students is Arnold, a painfully shy but gifted boy who is passionate about the violin. Inspired by Arnold’s raw talent and the warm enthusiasm of the rest of the class, Simon regains his zest for life and rediscovers the joys of music. But will he be able to overcome the obstacles and keep his promise to take the class to perform at the Paris Philharmonic?


The trailer...




Rachid Hami will be attending the screening at the Clay Theatre and will answer your questions after the movie.



La Mélodie (Orchestra Class)

Presented by Novel Ciné

@ the Clay Theatre

Thursday, November 8, 2018

@ 7pm

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