Public and private american schools

Some websites to help you to understand the system and eventually choose an institution:


Great Schools

Rankings from preschools to high schools.

Helpful tool wether you make the decision to try the SF loterie or

move in the Bay area, spoting your neighborhood according to the best rated schools.

Check the website


San Francisco Unified School District

Le site est forcément un peu laborieux pour nous. Mais il est une source d’infos essentielles sur le système de la ville.

Consulter le site


Refer to the city schools list with the links giving access to all the institutions.



SF Kids - Go on the website

The website results from the collaboration between the ''Departments of children, youth and their families'' of the city and of the SF county, and, a non-profit organization.

Very informative and detailed, the website aims at helping families regarding procedures and activities linked to their children.



Parents for public schools

Click "Enroll" and you will get to pieces of advise and information regarding the enrollment system for SF public schools.

The website