Nannies et Babysitters

On the one hand, we can't put online the names of our favorite babysitters, and not only to keep our own precious little secrets...

On the other hand, one's choice is based on so many different expectations  and parameters (kids ages, how many of them, the neighborhood, the language, day or night time...)...


So, here is a bunch of websites offering nannies services or babysitting that could be helpful in your Grail quest...





Increasing rates according to the number of kids to takee care of (starting @  15$ per hour for one child weekdays until 23$ per hour for 3 children during the week end.) It is required to book a babysitter for at least 4 hours.

The babysitters are not employees of the agency. But theyère supposed to be able to recommend them.

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They check the profile ( + interview)  of people offering their services on the website. Each of them specifies his or her expected fees per hour.

The agency is working based on a membership (from 200$ to 250$ a year). This membership gives you access to babysitters small ads listing.

The system can be quite expensive, but very helpful in last minute situations for instance.

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Practical information from parents to parenst, in a wide range of topics, including children daycare. You will access a list of a large number of websites and babysitting agencies, sometimes rated and reviewed by users.

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Different services are offered: babysitting, tutoring, pet cares, housekeepers, senior cares...

The website diplays small ads from people whose background has been checked in the first place.

The system is based on a membership (140$ a year).

Some companies pay this service for their employees as part of their benefits. Could sound like a good indicator regarding the reliability of the agency.

Their website



Both websites are linked to each other.

Quite inteeresting one-year membership: 80$.



Another membership based system.

When we wrote these lines, they offered a discount: 120$ vs 360$ for the annual membership.

Care centralizes all possible care and tutoring services, and gives access to a small ads list (with pictures) depending on your zipcode.


They are in touch with companies sothat their services may be included in employees benefits.

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