5 women (who happen to be funny comedians... and vice versa) will be on stage May 19 for a Stand up Comedy Show. We met one of them, Clara…the French one! We could not help...


Clara was born in Paris, raised in the Alps, then one day, she moved to New York City for University and discovered the art of Stand-up comedy and decided to begin a career on that path.

Performing all around the US and Europe, she became a prolific writer of cutting, witty, internationally flavored comedy.


''Stand up is not easy for women to find their place, you know''…she told me. ''A lot of men are involved but not so many women. Men talked about women for sure, but they don't know what women have to really go through all day long, everyday.''


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''Stand-up is difficult because you have to be ''Real''. There is no place for fake. So as a woman, I talked about my own vision of the routine, the everyday life, my own perception of common things that a woman has to accomplish everyday as I do it exactly in my real life. Stand-up is a fast reaction show. No time to set up a character. You have to talk to a small cosy room where people see you as you are and waiting after your words to laugh and they need to be brought to the comic situation really fast.''


I am a woman, a wife and a mother of 2 children. So I can talk about all these specific aspects I have to deal with everyday as a spouse and mom, and turn the situation into a very funny way where everyone could recognize themselves and I hope laugh.''


 Photo Credit: (c)sabrina bot


And what about your French Touch Clara ?


''Being French makes me a stranger living in another country. My french accent is still behind my words but I have lived here for so many years now that it is not something I insist on. Once again I am talking on stage as I am talking in real life.  People don’t see me as a French woman on stage. French is a part of me, it is my culture and I use it when I need to  bring another perspective to see the differences in our cultures that still surprised me…and  could show to the public the ridiculous aspect of the situation.''


Clara will be on stage with 4 other talented women… Be prepared to laugh.



Interview by Emma Serroy-Leaf



Really Funny Comedians (Who Happen to Be Women)

@ Punch Line Comedy Club

444 Battery Street (between Washington & Clay Street)


18+over with valid photo ID

2 drink minimum per person

Doors are at 7PM, it's best to arrive by 7:45PM, and no one will be admitted after 8:30PM

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