Fortune Cookies

Who invented the popular Fortune Cooky? Japan, China, California... Let's leave this question to professionnals and enjoy very good ones that can be found in San Francisco.



In a small street in the heart of Chinatown, a tiny factory is attracting a lot of tourists and visitors. Named by the owner the Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Company, this popular attraction is making in front of your eyes Fortune Cookies that have the reputation of being the best in SF!

Made out of flour and sugar (we don't have their receipe, sorry!), the small cookies are cooked one after  the other on griddles, and then folded by workers who had previously inserted a small piece of paper with a short message you'll have to interpret as you want.


You won't want to leave the place without eating and buying some cookies. They are sold for less than $5 a bag full of plain, vanilla or chocolate cookies. For Valentine's day, you can even ask them to add a personal message for your sweet heart (for an additionnal fee of 50 cents). How romantic!!! 


Golden Fortune Cookies Co

56 Ross Alley, San Francisco (Chinatown)