On December 2 & 3, ODC presents Interspace/ology as part of its ODC Pilot 69 program, featuring among others, French dancer Alexandre Munz.




Alexandre MUNZ | his path as Ballet dancer :



1983 - 1989 Paris Opera Ballet

1989 - 1992 Royal Ballet of Flanders in Antwerp

1992 - 1993 Wiesbaden Ballet

1993 - 1999 Principal Soloist with the Berlin Opera Ballet


Afterwards, Alexandre will pursue by teaching and transmitting the art of Ballet. And for years, he will travel the world with SAFE®, his therapeutic method to develop it, share it and optimize it.


In 2013, he will finally launch the SAFE® Project that literally saved him, physically and mentally. His method, developped based on his intuition, experience and own story, allows to reconnect inner forces and let them spread through the body. It has been since then scientifically approved and certified. Alexandre is now moving on from  the SAFE® Project to  MAISON MUNZ, he launched 2 years ago.



MAISON MUNZ is now a Startup sustained by Paris City Hall and the national Olympic Games committee, whose purpose is to popularize and make this simple therapy more accessible.


SAFE® triggers on sophisticated neurological levers but is very simple to understand and practice, and provides immediate relief and results.


Alexandre explained how this discipline can go even beyond the body, and actually have mental effects. Alexandre suffered Asperger's syndrome when he was a young boy and he was able to surpass his condition thanks to this method.



In the midst of his great adventure in San Francisco, Alexandre is delighted and grateful for having been selected by ODC to be part of its Pilot 69 program, that includes 11 weeks of choreographic incubation and ends with a series of live public performances.



It is with a genuine happiness that Alexandre is getting back to the choreography. He will perform himself ''Engineering Ephemeral'', at ODC, on December 2 & 3, 2017.



ODC Pilot 69


With Alexanre MUNZ presenting ''Engineering Ephemeral''

December 2 & 3, 2017

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