Current exhibition at Galeria de la Raza on 24th Street. While Annie Leibovitz shows her Women Portraits in Crissy Field, WOMXN ARE PERFECT artists offer a different face, a different vision in the Mission.




Women celebration in their perfect imperfection and vice versa. Artists featured at Galeria de la Raza investigate the notion and concept of perfection through different means and supports.


The works offer a celebration of taboo bodies, sexual identities, self-love and awareness of self-worth that stand in opposition to oppressive systems and expectations. The exhibiting artists emerge with a contemporary, unapologetic and relentless vision of womxn perfection. 


The result is combative, partisan, unexpected, provocative, genuinely smart and impertinent.


Here area few works to discover... and the vision of the exhibition by the excellent Chronicle. SF Chonicle article "A ‘Perfect’ vision of women at La Raza" by Ryan Kost.


 Mia Duran Codex #lookhowcuteiam: Sara Fina /

Francisca Mia 2014


Rebekah Tarin - Divinity Trans_formation 2015 



 Jenelle Esparza - Homenaje a Las Chili Queens





The exhibition, on popular demand, has already been extended, but still, will close its doors on April 16. Hurry up and head to 24th Street.





@ Galeria de la Raza

2857 24th St, San Francisco @ Bryant

Wednesday to Saturday - 12pm to 6pm



Jessica Sabogal Justice for all Indegeneous Women - 2014