Most probably the one exhibiton not to be missed this summer in San Francisco. Find out about the ardent works of the French artist Sophie Calle at Fort Mason until August 20, 2017.


Fort Mason recently - June 29 actually - unveiled its new beautiful exhibition dedicated to the radiant and intense works by the French artists Sophie Calle. Curated by Ars Citizen, Sophie Calle Missing is open to the public until August 20, 2017. It is recommended to book your tickets online though. You can do so, by clicling  > here.


Conceived as a journey, Missing gathers four of Sophie Calle’s major projects – itinerant since their creation – into a site-responsive presentation across the historic and scenic FMCAC campus on the San Francisco waterfront. The corpus offers an overview of Calle’s art since the 1980s, and includes her iconic projects spanning the last decade: Take Care of Yourself, Rachel Monique and Voir la mer.


Unveiling through a narrative of intimate stories, both personal and collective, Missing emphasizes the analogy of mother and sea (“mère” and “mer” in French), while proposing a reflection on the universal concepts of disappearance, loss and absence, central in the artist’s work and exploration.


Rachel Monique (2007)

Installed in the former U.S. Army Chapel, the poignant and poetic multimedia installation features the personality and final moments of Sophie Calle’s mother.



Take Care of Yourself (2007)

Located in Gallery 308, Take Care of Yourself documents 107 women interpreting a break-up letter Calle received from an ex-lover. This body of work was originally created for the French Pavilion of the 2007 Venice Biennale.



Voir la mer (2011)

In the Firehouse, which offers a stunning view of the San Francisco Bay, viewers will experience the film installation featuring residents of Istanbul, Turkey, seeing the ocean for the first time.


The Last Image (2010)

Also displayed in the Firehouse, The Last Image is a series of photographs and texts that portrays the last visual memory of blind people.


Missing is an intense and overwheming experience. The beautiful scenic waterfront environment amplifies the delight to wander through this unexpected exhibition. It is beautiful and poignant, disturbing and yet inspiring. Sophie Calle definitely triggers our own reflexion and ability to question ourselves.



You will have a hard time time leaving the Gallery 308... filled with light, the room absorbs you. You are trying to understand, then you discover the 107 interpretaions then you wonder what could be your own interpretation. 


At the Firehouse, it is like a delightful surprise ending with the room with a view on the Bay and Alcatraz. You are yourself facing the sea after having watched other ones seeing the sea for the first time. #miseenabyme


I missed the Chapelle but I am not worried. I know I will go back. That is the kind of exhibition you want to visit over and over again because what you experience is so personal.





June 29 until August 20, 2017

Free admission

For more details and book your tickets , click here.