No more Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts. Long live to the new Exploratorium at Pier 15!



We can't help but regretting a bit the good old, funky, dark Exploratorium in the midst of the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts. We loved so much the rainy staurday afternoons with the delighted faces of our sweethearts.




Cry no more! Rainy days or not, you're going to fall for the brand new Exploratorium at Pier 15.



Marc L'Italien's team at EHDD was in charge of the design for this in and out 330 000 square foot space offering more than 150 new exhibits and attractions.

6 galleries with a specific focus on exploration areas: West, South, Central, East, Bay Observatory, Outdoor galleries. A place filled with light in total and global connexion with its environment.






Pier 15

Opened April 2013

Everyday 10am - 5pm

Closed on Monday.