The Lycée Français de San Francisco has bilingualism at heart!

Bilingualism, and more broadly, languages learning and acquisition, are a genuine priority at the Lycée Français de San Francisco. Let's focus on 2 ambitious initiatives now offered at the LFSF.


Bilingualism benefits are proven. Bilingualism has even the reputation to make people smarter...  A parents dream for their children! Read this article shared by the BBC... where benefits sound like superpowers!

The amazing benefits of being bilingual


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Following this educational momentum and ambition, the Lycée Français de San Francisco has initiated 2 projects aiming at improving and extending the excellence of its offer and at opening its doors even wider: the first one consists in the FRENCH LANGUAGE INTEGRATION CLASS, a unique opportunity to join the Lycee's exclusive French immersion program at any age; the second one being the opening of ''LA PETITE ECOLE'', that allows young children to dive into French immersion on their way to preschool.



FLI Class

 The opening of a new French Language Immersion Class for non-francophone students at an elementary school level (1st through 5th grades), on Sausalito campus, was the great new initiative last September at the Lycée Français de San Francisco.



Since September 2016, the LFSF has opened a new French Language Immersion Class that accepts non-francophone students at an Elementary School level (1st to 5th grade). The main purpose is to allow families who did not enroll their children for preschool at the LFSF to still be able to join the Lycée afterwards. An adapted curriculum (Français Langue Etrangère or French Language Learning) will be implemented opening a special gateway to the LFSF to carefully selected students.


This FLI program (French Language Immersion) is aimed at American families, French-American or French ones, offering the opportunity to join or get back to the LFSF curriculum even after having chosen a different system in the first place.


With an adapted teaching, children get smoothly to French in small size classes (no more than 12 students). In the mean time, English lessons are taught in each student level grade.


Based on its success for this 1st year of implementation, the Lycée Français de San Francisco will reiterate the program for the upcoming school year.


> FLI Class : French Language Immersion Class.

Program and enrollment conditions.



 La Petite École


La Petite Ecole is the great innovation for this 2017 school year. On Sausalito campus, the LFSF will open a brand new class dedicated to the very young ones in a French speaking environment.


"La Petite Ecole" is a full immersion,

half-day program

offered on Sausalito campus

for students 2 years and older.



New very young students will play, sing, communicate, socialize, think, laugh... in an exclusively French environment and will then make their first steps toward preschool, La Maternelle as we say in French.


> More details about La Petite Ecole

and Enrollment conditions 




755 Ashbury Street, San Francisco - K1 to 5th grade

100 Ebbtide Avenue, Sausalito - K1 to 5th grade

1201 Ortega Street, San Francisco - 6th to 12th