Super moon, mega moon, moon of the century, super mega giga extra... moon. November 14 is the d-day. Prepare your cameras and your IG accounts.


Mega, extra, giga... articles competed to find the most accurate word. Maybe it's Trump influence... it is going to be big, great, strong ! 


But for real, what is it?


Actually, there is a super moon... every month. A full moon.That's what it is. The story turned viral on the social networks. And it was for who would find the most sensational comment : the biggest moon you could see since 1948 and you won't before 2034. Ouahou! Crazy, hey? 


Or they tried to sound very serious and gave scientific explanations. And in the end the moon is supposed to seem 14% bigger than usual, and 30% brighter?



Ok, cool, coool for us... but who will note the difference. I am not trying to be sarcastic, just talking about the limits of some information.


But what is real, is that you have an opportunity to take awesome pictures. Instagram should look like this on Monday.



So be part of the competition for the most beautiful giga, mega, extra, super picture. Be ready for 5:52am, take your Iphone but it should not be enough and pick a great spot with an open an clear horizon... Ocean Beach most probably, Treasure Island, Marin Headlands, Twin Peaks, Bernal Heights... they all should be cool locations.


Here are some ideas to inspire you. Think beyond the moon.


Greta & Manu Schnetzler




Drôles, non ? On a simplement google-iser ''Moon and basket ball''



Add #LostinSF in your posts if you feel like it. and last but not least... don't worry if you miss that one. There will be another full moon December 13. Not exactly as bright, not exactly as big, but still, your photos should be great.




November 14, 2016

@ 5:52am - and even beforeand even after...


 Greta & Manu Schnetzler