San Francisco The Movie

Beyond the Postcard by Christian Jeunet

With this movie, Christian Jeunet's purpose is to portray San Francisco, to tell its story, to simply explain - beyond the clichés - why San Francisco is so charming, appealing, dynamic, romantic, diverse...  

As Rudyard Kipling used to say: 

‎"San Francisco has only one drawback. 'Tis hard to leave."



The team around Christian Jeunet has been working hard to achieve this project. They are on their way but need support to finalize post-production, editing, promotion and distribution of the film.


We all would have loved to be part of the movie. 

Would you like to co-produce it? Check the following link:  indiegogo to learn about the documentary and how to support the whole project.









Take a look at the teaser that  gives you a glimpse of the movie.

(click on the picture below).