Every Thursday night, it is Party time.

Each and every Thursday has a different theme, DJ's and pop up events.<--break->


At the de Young, it's on Friday night. The museum opens its doors to cultural, artistic and musical happenings that address a very large public. At the Academy, it's on Thursday night: Cocktail Party (and you will have to show your ID), music, live concert, DJ's, themed parties and the opportunity to explore exhibits and aquarium displays.


In the end, don't forget to drop your glass to explore the new exhibition Earthquake!


With Nightlife at the Academy, one of the most attractive spot to kids and their families transforms into "the hype place to be". Could become your "must go" for Thursday early nights.



Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

10$ for members - otherwise 12$

The program for your coming Thursdays



Passed Thursdays:


Gallery Crawl on June 28