Mission Science Workshop

Second Saturday Program

San Francisco, Church Street between 17th & 18th Street

The large white building close to Dolores Park. An amazing place to discover, dedicated to Science for kids.


The Mission Science Workshop opens its doors to the public every second Saturday of the month. Its wide space is organized around many science related activities: biology, chemistry, electricity… Volunteers assist kids and guide them so that they learn through fun, educative and interactive experiences, encouraging their observation abilities.


We were there last month with kids from 8 to 11 years. First we faced the skeleton of a whale that got beached south of San Francisco last summer. Amazing! Then, kids were invited to take carefully live snakes in their hands or even to observe a mygale spider and (definitely less scary!) turtles . They got advised about how to handle them nicely and responsibly and explanations about these animals. Futher in the building, workshops, skeletons, books, microscopes, fossils and inspired kids listening to volunteering teachers and involved in scientific experiences. No need to tell you that we loved the place and the people!


Basically, Science Mission Workshop’s purpose is to offer after school and extra curricular programs in public schools throughout the Mission District, and also, Summer Camps for kids from 2nd to 8th grade.

Its director, Daniel Sudran, had this community initiative (still and unfortunately unique in SF) 20 years ago. His wish would be to inspire other people so that they launch and manage the same kind of project in other neighborhoods.


The « Second Saturday Programs » meet a huge success and are regularly crowded. Don’t hesitate to go and take a look. But if you want to know more… Daniel invites you to come by any time M-F (You can give a call beforehand. It’s even better!) to meet him, to better understand the workshop’s mission and purpose and hopefully to inspire you.


By the way, the « Second Saturday Programs » are free. Donations to support them are naturally welcome.


Mission Science Workshop

Second Saturday Program

Mission High School – NW corner

Sur Church Street between 17th et 18th

(415) 621 1240