Meet Ludo Thomasson, December 8, at the FACCSF

How to navigate your stock options and understand your equity compensation... Quite a question, indeed ! Worth meeting an expert to answer it. 



Ludo Thomasson is a French American financial advisor in San Francisco, expert in Wealth Management. We met him recently and shared a short portrait of him on LostinSF because we thought that his professional expertise and personal experience made him the perfect interlocutor for new people working, investing, developping new businesses in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


We met Ludo Thomasson,

French American Financial Advisor in San Francisco


Ludo will review the features of different forms of equity compensation, and things to consider from a tax and investment point of view. This will be an interactive discussion with a focus on how to incorporate equity-based compensation into your overall financial situation as well as what strategies to consider during portfolio construction, retirement planning, multigenerational wealth transfer and planning your philanthropic goals.





@French American American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco

Thursday, December 8, 2016

8:30am - 10:30am

Free for FACCSF members – Non-members, $35 

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