Magic at Pier 39


Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Every Saturday & Sunday afternoon - All year long.

Nested in the building in front of the aquarium, a theater offers on Pier 39 a magic show every weekend. It's the perfect way to end a day on the Pier when the sun is playing hide and seek...


There, we met Timothy Noonan, a magician and his baby racoon in a family friendly show.


Illusions include classics (rings), intriguing tricks (mind reading), fun (growing the neck of a giraffe), and even a spooky trick (flying haunted chair)... Is it a magic show or a stand up comedy ? It's both at the same time !


Artists change regularly so you can enjoy different shows. Do not miss Tim's, he's talented, hilarious, and still very approachable.



Aquarium of the Bay

The Embarcadero (Pier 39), San Francisco

Every Saturday & Sunday afternoon

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Contributor: Regina Tardy