@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Book your tickets and go to Alcatraz for a whiff of fresh free air!



The light is amazing, the kites fly, Lego bricks are colorful... we could easily forget we are actually in a former jail!




... and then we read through the books with the list of all the persons reprensented and portrayed by Ai Weiwei. All of a sudden, it is a whole different story.


The symbol is stunning. Ai Weiwei could not come to Alcatraz. And despite the fact he is forbidden to come, he is here. His art is so powerful. Art is powerful. And he can have his voice heard and he can raise awareness.




Art is in that case a work involving so many people from the artist himself to the 80 volunteers who finished to assembly and set up the Lego portraits following Ai Weiwei's artistic and technical directions.


Until April 26, 2015, you have the great privilege to discover Alcatraz under amazing circumstances. It definitely sounds and looks like ''a one in a lifetime experience''!



Ai Weiwei

Alcatraz Island

September 27 2014 - April 26 2015

To read more about the exhibition, check For-Site Foundation.

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 Photo by Jake Roxen