In San Francisco, for a few days, the de Young is blooming.

As usual and always, the de Young Museum is celebrating Spring - no, actually Summer this time - with its annual rendez-vous ''Bouquets to Art''. 


As every year, dozens of the Bay Area’s most innovative and sought after floral designers will create a spectacular array of floral arrangements in the de Young Museum for Bouquets to Art.


In creating their arrangements, these designers pay tribute to and draw inspiration from the art in the de Young’s permanent collections. The annual five-day event that showcases floral designs ranging from the stunningly simple to the elaborately intricate, attracts a large and enthusiastic following from the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


Funds from Bouquets to Art have been used to help underwrite an impressive roster of special exhibitions, art acquisitions, educational programs and special projects at the Legion of Honor and the de Young Museum. 


A San Francisco event you won't want to miss whether you have been living here for a while, or you are just visiting!


Some photos taken the previous years.


Don't hesitate to buy your tickets in advance


Keep in mind that June 5 and 6, from 6 to 9pm, Bouquets to Arts will be reserved for members. Good to know!


Also... June 7, from 9:30pm to noon, it will be a photo-free period. A short period of time where you will let your mind and eyes be synchronized for once. Live the moment for real, don't let your iphone stand in between you and the reality. #flowerforthought




Bouquets to Art

De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park

June 4 - 9, 2019

Free admission for members.





Since you are there... enjoy a Spiritual Journey with Gauguin, extended until June 23, 2019.