I had the great pleasure to meet Tom di Maria with Agnès Faure from the 836M Gallery, at Creative Growth in Oakland. Good timing since Living Color, the new exhibition opens May 5th. Let me tell you more about my visit there.


Some time ago, I had shared with you the exhibition  ''Vive l'Art'' , presented by the 836M gallery in San Francisco and dedicated to Creative Growth. ''Vive l'Art'' reached its final days. then cross the bridge and go to Creative Growth in Oakland. I promise your experience willbe unique and fulfilling.


Thank you so much to Agnès who was kind enough to organize our visit and meeting with Tom, the director of Creative Growth since 2000.



We followed Tom for a guided tour. We met the artists, found out about their current or past works, and listened to the great story of Creative Growth made of outstanding anecotes, emotions and destinies.



Creative Growth is open to the public.

After a visit at Creative Growth, you leave happy, overwhelmed and admiring.



Happy, because that is the main feeling that comes from the place and all the people working there.


Overwhelmed by the infinite patience of the artists, their pleasure to share, their ambition and genuine desire to achieve something great.


Admiring, because these people found with Creative Growth an opportunity to thrive, to be respected and to assert themselves. Admiring also Creative Growth, the team and all the people helping, teaching, encouraging, supporting the artists. Their achievement is simply awesome.


I could see the installation of the upcoming exhibition LIVING COLOR, starting May 5 and open until June 16, 2017. Colors seem to beam from everywhere with style and art in sculptures, objects, paintings, pieces of furniture...



The opening will be celebrated on May 5, from 5 to 9pm. Enjoy and have fun. Creative Growth defintely belongs to the long list of awesome things to do in Oakland.





@ Creative Growth

May 5 - June 16

Exhibition details.