[Partner article] Summer is getting closer and it is that time of the year again to figure out how to get our kids busy during their summer break. The Lycee Français of San Francisco (LFSF) has prepared a great program between their 2 campuses at San Francisco and in sunny Sausalito.


The LFSF offers 3 distinct French summer language immersion camps - Bon Voyage at the end of June, Paris Oulala and Euro Cup camp in August.  These camps are based on a wide array of activities and are tailor-made to match different age groups expectations and interests.   The school also offers a shuttle service between its 2 convenient locations in Ashbury, San Francisco and Sausalito with both a morning and afternoon daycare option. 



With summer getting closer, managing our kids agendas can be a real headache...


Our kids age

The challenge is to find camps offering activities that are  adapted to our children's age. It's also often very hard to find ones for the youngest, PreK 3-4 year olds) as well as for the older ones.



Dates and calendars

Of course, schools have very different calendars, some of them start as early as the beginning of June, while for others it may end at the end in the middle of August. Camps at LFSF are designed to work with its community.



The language environment

What's best for our child? He or she is a French speaker but attends a local American school. Her or she is speaking another language but attending a French American school or daycare program. The LFSF French immersion  environment is a good option.



Summer in SF? 

Where is the sun? That's what we are all looking for in June and August. We are aware what Summer in SF can mean, aren't we? That is why the majority of LFSF camps will be conveniently located on its sunny Sausalito campus!



The activities

We all would like to alternate sports, arts, sciences, pure entertainment to make it diverse and fun.





The LFSF has prepared a varied, high quality program to help us juggle with all these constraints with practical and concrete solutions to make our summer easier.


2 locations, Ashbury Campus in San Francisco and sunny Sausalito's campus.



The camps have been designed into 3  alternate categories; outdoor & recreation; dance, drama & the arts and soccer all based around pure entertainment to make it diverse and fun.


With many subcategories of different camps for each age groups, it will be sure to please all tastes, preferences and talents.  They range from performing arts, visiting the beach, overnight camping, horse riding, hiking, comedy and improve shows, to a whole array of field trips... even a College Application camp is being held for future seniors.



The Camps are broken down into very specific age brackets to optimize activities and make them attractive for all attendees. For example 3/4 years - 5/6 years - 7/8 years- 9/11 years - and also 11/14 years - 12/15 years and future seniors/12th graders.



To make life easier for busy parents, the camps run and offer extended morning and afternoon daycare hours (8am-8:45am and 4:15pm to 5:30pm).   A shuttle service connection is also available between San Francisco and Sausalito to those families who can't get across the bay.



specific calendar has been designed for the end of June and also the last 3 weeks of August when most of the other local camps will have already  finished and closed their doors.



The LFSF employees professional certified and qualified French teachers and staff that is set in a safe and nurturing environment specifically designed to offer fun and educational French immersion programs and activities .





June 20, 2016 - July 1st, 2016

August 1st, 2016 - August 26, 2016

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