Fog Fair comes back to Fort Mason, as an ode to Art and Design.

January 12 to 15, 2017, Fog Design + Art Fair will be held at Fort Mason, San Francisco, as an elegant and refined celebration of Art and Design.


This will be the 4th edition of Fog Design + Art Fair, about to become ''a cult one of a kind event'' in San Francisco. For the 2017 event, 45 exhibitors are expected, with renowned new comers such as Carpenters Workshop Gallery, but also Paula Cooper Gallery or Lorenz Baumer to name just a few.


The event's initial purpose was to gather a rather limited number of exhibitors to celebrate Art and Design, emphasizing quality. It is still the case this year. And yet, the 2017 edition will spread way over Fort Mason  and offer a wide range of events in additonal venues with talks, debates, films, multimedia presentations...


And we just read (at the time we are writing this article) on SF Gate that a spin-off of Miami Fair, Untitled will complete the whole picture at Pier 70.



San Francisco does change, a lot, we keep telling you, and always with style!



But let's get back to Fort Mason with a special focus on a new exhibitor this year, which is Carpenters Workshop Gallery from London.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery recently announced that Vanessa Suchar-Marcus had joined the gallery. The new appointment is the next phase in the gallery's continued expansion in the US. ''Vanessa is an established contemporary art and design dealer, and she brings to Carpenters Workshop Gallery extensive experience in building private collections and nurturing artist's careers'', said Cédric Morisset, Associate Director of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.''She will elevate the gallery’s presence on the West Coast, beginning with San Francisco, an increasingly international collecting market.''


Vanessa Suchar-Marcus - Photo credit : Tom Fecht


On the heels of the November 2015 opening of its first US exhibition space in New York, Carpenters Workshop Gallery made its Chicago debut this past September at the 5th edition of EXPO Chicago, the international contemporary and modern art fair. Vanessa Suchar-Marcus's appointment underscores the gallery's commitment to developing the US market, and specifically the West Coast including: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Vanessa has spent nearly two decades at the helm of Le Salon For Art Collectors, a London-based firm she founded in 1997 dedicated to the development and promotion of international emerging and mid-career artists.


DONAT / Miroir Grenade 


Carpenters Workshop Gallery is celebrating its ten years anniversary and will attend Fog Design + Art Fair in San Francisco for the first time.


 STUDIO DRIFT / Fragile Future Diamond Chandelier


Carpenters Workshop Gallery produces and exhibits functional sculptures by international rising and established artists and designers going outside their traditional territories of expression. Actively involved in the research and production of the limited edition works exhibited, the gallery’s choices are guided by the research of an emotional, artistic and historical relevance; a relevance that appears as an evidence. The gallery, with spaces in Paris, London and New York since 2015, is celebrating its ten years anniversary, with a special program of exhibitions, events and many surprises dedicated to a decade at the forefront of collectible design.



FOG Design + Art Fair

@ Fort Mason

January 12 - 15, 2017

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