How to be pro-active in your community thanks to this service that automatically retrocedes a percentage of your purchase to the schools and non-profits you will have selected. 


ESI (Electronic Scrip Inc.), with eScrip, has become a pilar of the whole fundraising system regarding schools and dozen of non-profits dedicated to kids and youth.


The main purpose is to create a real synergy between schools and organizations, parents and community. We all work for our community and community gives back. 


It is so simple and convenient : the partner businesses (stores, groceries, restaurants...) give a percentage of your purchase (identified through the cards - loyalty or payment cards - you will enter at the time of your registration with eScrip) to the schools and non-profits of your choice.



Sometimes, you won't even know it. So many participants in this program. You will get a notification and realize that the restaurant you went to a couple of days ago is partner with eScrip and gave some dollars to your kids school. Good feeling!


eScrip is easy as 1,2,3...


1- Choose the schools and non-profits you wish to support.


2- Register online.


3- Done. Take a look at all the participating businesses.