Coal... Ice... Hope...

Coal + Ice, a free exhibition, rich in teachings, must see in Fort Mason until September 23, 2018.


Along with the Global Climate Action Summit taking place this week in San Francisco, Fort Mason is offering a documentary photography and video exhibition on the theme of global warming. Read more> In San Francisco, cities and regions are doing their own climate summit, without government.


Whatever your opinion on the subject -like if the phenomenon was controversial, the exhibition is spectacular! Do not waste time as it ends on September 23rd. The entrance to the exhibition is open to all, free and worth seeing.


 Photo by Sabrina Bot


By the time your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, you will see exclusively visual testimonies of the damages caused by the exploitation of fossil energies, especially coal; melting glaciers in the Himalayas, extreme weather events around the world, but also a hard to bear testimony of the conditions in coal mining; some pictures are very recent. No less than 40 artists from around the world contributed. The images are spectacular and do not need comments. Just open your eyes.


Do not hesitate to go behind the wall of giant screens at the back of the building, near the curtains and discover the “solutions” space. This more educational zone brings together elements of sometimes unexpected solutions. Everything is not lost if we act quickly and creatively.



We could not take our eyes off a lot of photos...


Photos taken during the recent major droughts of Central Valley in California - Matt Black, The Dry Land



Photos of flooded landscapes in the South of the United-States that resonate at this time of hurricane on the East Coast.



Contributor : Anne Marie Bourcier



Coal + Ice

@ Fort Mason 

Until September 23, 2018


Photo by Sabrina Bot