Au P'tit Monde, the French immersion preschool in the Sunset is expanding and will soon open a new location in Palo Alto! 










We have been talking recently with Salima Goltser, the founder of the preschool. After 10 years in the Sunset, Au P'tit Monde is renowned for its French environment, its cooking and its flexibility. Based on this great and successful experience, Salima made the decision to expand the adventure to Palo Alto with the opening of a new location.



Mark your calendar for the first open house that will take place May 1st, 2014! Contact the school.



There are so many good reasons to choose Au P'tit Monde for your child...


Because French is in the air... but especially everywhere in the media. We just read no later than a couple of days ago, that French could be the language of the future! Interesting!! Read more.


Because bilinguism has a reputation to make people smarter! Read the NY Times article.



Because good, healthy food makes our kids stronger! 



Sounds like everything you want to offer to your child!

Here are some information about Au P'tit Monde, and if you wish to know more about this great team, don't hesitate to contact Salima.




The children at Au P’tit Monde come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Through stories, songs and games children learn to understand and express themselves in French.  


Learning a language is easier for young children, and parents are often surprised how quickly their child pick the language up and bring home songs and poems from school.


All teachers at Au P'tit Monde are native French speakers with degrees in early childhood education. They have comprehensive experience in working with children in multicultural and multilingual environments. They are regularly evaluated, trained, and supervised by specialists in early childhood education.


The program at a Glance...

School day runs from 8:00am to 6:00pm. 

Parents may opt to enroll their child in the 2, 3, 4 or 5-day program.

The school provides homemade, organic and wholesome meals.

No prior French language is required.

Children do not need to be potty trained to attend.

Open to children ages 2-5.



Cooking is done by cantinière (or cantinier) in a private kitchen. They never use frozen or canned products.The menu is always age appropriate regarding ingredients and serving size. Children receive the daily amount of vegetables as not only part of the meal, but also blending them into sauces.

Each meal is served with organic milk and water. 



The whole team is thrilled to welcome you very soon at Au P'tit Monde either in San Francisco or in Palo Alto!




Au P'tit Monde

SF location: 1227 39th Avenue (near the Golden Gate Park)

Peninsula new location: 

1980 Clarke Avenue, E. Palo Alto