Zola Johnson will perform at the Blush! Sunday, May 15.

No better way to end the week end than this evening at the Blush! with Zola Johnson and her beautiful voice.


Zola may be young but she already has a great experience of live performance with the many open mics she attended and concerts she gave at bars supporting young talents in San Francisco.


We now know Zola for a long time and we have seen (and listened to) her and her talent thrive. Zola grew up in San Francisco, in a French-American family, picked here and there influences from her multi-cultural background and story.


With her deep, powerful, and yet sweet and light voice, she invites us on a nicely cadenced path. You feel like we love her? Right, you're totally right. And that's exactly what's going to happen to you once you will have listened to her different tunes. And at the Blush!, you will undertsand that her talent also relies on her presence in front of the audience, discrete, sweet, and yet intense. Some people are like that. They are here and now, strong and solid. Real gift!



Listen to Intertwined, Mumbles (possibly our favorite one) or Moon and then you won't be able to resist and listen to the other ones. We also discover Cruel recently and Too fast too soon. Love them. Good rhythm and melodies that smoothly carry you away. Listen to all of them and join us on Sunday night for a great moment at the Blush!




@ Blush!

476 Castro @ 18th Street

Starting at 7:30pm.

Blush! wine list and menu.

Zola Johnson on Soundcloud.