[updated] The celebration of Epiphany in France is a tradition at least as important as Christmas... no buche this time, but a galette des rois or king's cake! 


On January 6, 2018, share "La Galette des Rois", a puff pastry cake with almond frangipane filling. It contains a charm (originally a bean called “la fève”), whoever finds it in its slice becomes the King or Queen for the day! 



La Boulangerie de San Francisco

You will find there the delicious traditional Galette des Rois. 

On a first come, first serve basis, at every locations in San Francisco. You can also order online on their website.






Whole year long, you indulge yourself with their scones or amazing pizzas. Apparently, they should offer Kings Cakes only the 6th of January: A Mexican, Rosca de Reyes and a French King Cake.

For the other cooperatives in SF on Valencia or in the Bay Area, you'd better call to check with them, because they don't necessarily offer the same products.


1331 9th avenue, SF




Noe Valley Bakery

Either on 24th Street or West Portal Avenue, you could try the Kings Cake with its Carnival attire and colors. This tradition from New Orleans is so tasty. Another way to celebrate.



Les Gourmands Bakery 

The French family-owned bakery at 5th and Folsom opened recently. We tried the croissants and brioches that are a pure delight. You can buy slices, half galettes, whole galettes... Thanks to Serge and Sylvain family for bringing their tasty expertise to us!

Les Gourmands Bakery sur Facebook


Thorough Bread

The renowned bakery will be closed until January 9. 

Thorough Bread

248 Church Street, San Francisco




Le Marais Bakery

They usually offer a delicious galette. But at the time we wrote this selection, nothing has been shared on their social networks yet. Don't hesitate to contact them to check.




Mademoiselle Colette, Menlo Park

Everybody should know Mademoiselle Colette, bringing a sweet Parisian touch to Menlo Park.

Closed until January 5, but a beautiful galette is presented on the homepage of their website.

Mademoiselle Colette

816 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park




Douce France, Palo Alto

Here, the "galette des rois" made with frangipane can be purchased until the end of January. That leaves us many chances to become the king or queen!

Order in advance or drop by.

855 El Camino real, Palo Alto

Douce France

Menu des Fêtes



Fleur de Cocoa, Los Gatos

2 sizes available until end of January. You can pre-order in advance and pick it up in store.

 Fleur de Cocoa

39 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos



You can also take a look at our selection of addresses of bakeries and pastry shops to eventually discover other great savors and recipes.


And why not celebrate "Kings' Day" the Mexican way ?

In Mexico or Spanish America, the traditionnal Epiphany cake has an oval shape to symbolize a crown. Some Mexican bakeries in the Mission district sell the famous rosca de reyes. We tried the rosca from La Victoria bakery in San Francisco last year (the waiting line in front of the store was definitely a good sign). It was delicious!

La Victoria Mexican bakery,

2937 24th street


You can also bake it yourself and become the king/queen of the galette if not the king/queen of the day!

It seems difficult to you ? Try this recipe from the French website Elle a Table (well it's in French, we hope you have a good translation program on your computer).

Here are some hints to find the ingredients in SF: ready made frozen puff pastries (pâte feuilletée toute prête) are available at Trader Joe's (not always, though), at Whole Foods or Andronico's (brand Dufour) or in your supermarket (Pepperidge Farm sheets).

For the almond powder (poudre d'amande), go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. And maïzena is the French word for « cornstarch ».

We told you it was easy !