Vast and Undetectable Discovery Day

@ the SF Arts Commission Gallery

Saturday, February 25 – 1 to 4pm

Currently, the SFAC Gallery is presenting the exhibition « Vast and Undetectable » with artworks by Luca Antonucci, Reenie Charrière, Jonathon Keats, Phil Ross, Daniel Small, Heather Sparks and Gail Wight.


Those different artists explore space and spaces and defy human understanding as well as imagination or even overcome them.


The alleged opposition between art and science « is so yesterday ! » and “so not SF”. Discovery Day on February 25 reunite them on a very friendly and creative way.



On the agenda :

- an afternnon dedicated to art, science and activities (obviously creative and scientific activities)

- it's free

- from 1pm to  4 pm on Saturday, February 25.

- scientists from Uc Berkeley will present and share the results of their works and explain how they converge to the work presented in the exhibition "Vast and Undetectable".

- open discussion time with scientists and artists whose artworks are part of the exhibition.

- workshops to allow visitors (kids or "no kids") to assert themselves and be creative their own way following some scientific discoveries.

- a guided tour (also in French) is forecast. Just meet at the Main Gallery and then the tour will include a walk to the Grove location (former Gallery) where the so called SFAC Gallery window is displayed. The tour will take something like 20-30 mns.


The Main Gallery: 2 rooms dedicated to art. It is a great stop in the Civic Center area. You will feel like perfect insiders. Don't hesitate to share your secret.



Thanks a lot to Justine for having drawn our attention to the Discovery Day and we will get back to you very soon regarding the Gallery and its current and future exhibitions.



SFAC Gallery

Vast and Undetectable Discovery Day

401 Van Ness @ the Main Gallery

Saturday, February 25

1 – 4 pm

Free and open to visitors of all ages

More info on the Gallery's website