We are all aware of it and experience it! Screens from TV, computer, cells, tablets are wearying our eyes. Coach for Eyes gives us 5 ideas to alleviate the tiredness. To be followed and shared!







Some months ago we introduced Coach for Eyes, launched by Nathalie, a French orthoptist.





We asked her to give us some advice for our exhausted eyes. Nathalie kindly answered our request and detailed some symptoms, described the consequences and listed some exercices or things that should be part of our routine.



80% of people who work all day on screens suffer from eye strain. We stare 6 and more hours every day at screens and this causes visual warning signs like headaches, tearing, redness, blurred vision


Being exposed to screens seems to accelerate our eyes weariness. Actually, our brain kind of skips some reflexes we are supposed to have like the simple fact of blinking eyes (8 to 12 times less often than usual) and seems to neglect how fast time is passing by. Our focus on the screen is overwhelming.


Our eye muscles tend to lose their strength, thei flexibility and their tonic effect.


Here are 5 simple tips to efficiently reduce your eyes weariness:

Adjust your workspace (screen position, heighth, distance...) Video to watch




Screen parameters are made to be finetuned: luminosity, font size, color balance...)




Take some visual breaks! We call them the 20/20/20 breaks : 20 secondes every 20 minutes watching 20 feet away.



 Blink, blink, bink your eyes!!!!!




Do some eyes work out! Some fitness to make your eyes more resistant.Video to watch.





Obviously, don't forget to have your eyes checked regularly by an ophtamologist.

Only for your eyes, Coach For Eyes offers visual wellness services and workshops to companies in San Francisco and in France to help optimize visual comfort and reduce eyes weariness.




Coach for Eyes