The Wizard of Oz

Orpheum Theatre

October 16 - 27, 2013

Broadway in San Francisco in all its splendor!



The Wizard of Oz is coming to town!

The adaptation by Andrew Lloyd Webber will be presented at the Orpheum Theatre for a 2 weeks special engagement.





The show is simply awesome: the costumes are gorgeous, the actors-dancers-singers demonstrate such a pleasure to be on stage and to embody the cult characters, special effects transform the whole thing in an impressive 3D show, group performances are spectacular.


Most of you already know the story itself or have even already watched the classic among the classics with Judy Garland. It does not matter and won't spoil your pleasure. 

And if by random, you were to discover it for the first time. It does not matter either. This Wizard of Oz does not need his glorious predecessors to entertain and delight you.

It is modern, witty, moving, funny and rhythmic.





At the end of the show, you can't help but smiling, humming Over the rainbow and thinking that little Toto is really too cute (the whole public loves Toto!)



No need to add anything... obviously we loved it!

It is such a great moment to share with the kids (or not!) to re-discover the great adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, the cowardly Lion and Tin Man.





The Wizard of Oz

Orpheum Theatre

1294 Market Street

October 16-27, 2013



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 Photo credit: : CYLLA VON TIEDEMANN