Novellus Theater @ YBCA

November 25 - December 11

The Velveteen Rabbit @ the YBCA is presented by the renowned ODC dance company.


The Velveteen Rabbit, basically is such a myth in this Holiday season, that you should not miss it with your kids.


The Velveteen Rabbit is the "ultra famous" children's novel written by Margery Williams. Also known as "How toys become real", the story chronicles the quest of a little stuffed rabbit who wants to become real. He was told that depending on the real true love of the child you belong to, the dream could become reality and if it happens, it lasts forever!


The story is definitely a central founding myth in the children's culture. Toy Story creators had most probably watched the show with their classmated in their early childhood.



It is the 25th season for this beloved, acclaimed and expected production presented by the renowned ODC dance company. The actor Geof Hoyle is the narrator in this show that celebrates through the grace of music and dance, a unique friendship between a young boy and his teddy rabbit and the enduring power of love!


Pure Holiday spirit!



The Velveteen Rabbit; Photo Credit r.r.jones

The Velveteen Rabbit

Novellus Theatre @ the YBCA

November 25 - December 11

Tickets: $15-$45

Groupsales 10+

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