The 6th edition of this event, dedicated to motorbikes, will take place in Carmel on Saturday, May 17, 2014.





Bello Moto drew our attention to this gathering, like a Concours d'élégance celebrating sports and racing bikes.



We had presented Bello Moto, a team of experts sharing their passion for scooters. Bello Moto offers restoration, service and support for vintage Vespa scooters and have most probably the largest choice of vintage Vespas for sale in the US.


And actually, Bello Moto will exhibit 4 of its favorite engines in Carmel on May 17.





The Quail Motorcycle Gathering honors past and present engines, racing bikes, sports bikes and gathers passionate people, professionals, amateurs, novices and experts, gentle-men and women bikers, motos and scooters lovers, renowned pilots, champions... for a whole day of exhibition, auctions, raffle, awards, autograph signing, market place... 




The Quail Motorcycle Gathering


Saturday,May 17, 2014

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