The French artist JR is in San Francisco for his brand new mural project.

JR is in San Francisco, let's repeat one more time "JR is in San Francisco"!!


Always with his truck! JR just arrived in San Francisco and chose the Sunset for his first stop on MLK's day to start his brand new mural project. That happens here, in our beloved San Francisco and we happen to be part of the whole great story.


San Francisco is not exactly Clichy-Montfermeil, the city in the Parisian suburbs that recently inspired JR. But with a different environment, JR has the ambition to portray the city in all its details, perfections and imperfections, clichés and secrets.


Sabrina, our favorite and talented photographer, literally ran to the Sunset as soon as she heard that JR had parked his truck over there. She is telling us in a few words her memorable encounter.



"The world acclaimed and French artist JR is in da place! We could not be happier about it, not just because he is French, but because his work is so powerful, as in beautiful and useful at the same time. Through his monumental pieces he draws attention to major society issues, involving everyday people, like you and me. So if you see the big truck, he and his crew are here to collect portraits of people, video and stills, in order to create a mural. This new project is all about San Francisco,and how to portray it in its entirety, so go and tell them about your SF. Let's all be in it together. "Chroniques de Clichy-Montfermeil" is an example of one major mural project he did in France, which ended up in the Palais de Tokyo museum, but also in the neighborhood from which it originated. "


> Suivez la story de Sabrina sur Instagram 


JR knows San Francisco pretty well already. He's been visiting many times (easy to guess when you follow him on Instagram). He is definitely aware that San Francisco is not only the well behaved provincial old lady that New Yorkers like to describe. Its aspects and facets are so diverse and its genuine spirit goes way beyond this clean and conformist appearance.


San Francisco, of course, it is... 2 cult bridges, hills like roller coasters, the Transamerica and from now on the Sales Force Tower too... San Francisco, it is also and before all people and their neighborhoods, from the Ocean to the Bay, long time residents and new comers, young and old people, Democrats (a lot of them!) and Republicans (not as many...), rich people, very rich ones, outrageously rich ones and people with nothing, surfers and skaters, runners and bikers, activist people and others who don't care for nothing, geeks and others who never touched a computer... For better and unfortunately sometimes for worse, San Francisco is a city where extremes co-exist.


Inspired by Diego Rivera, JR conceived his new mural project to catch them all, in videos and photos, to portray our beloved city with all its flaws and beauties. The French artist is an expert in human mosaics. San Francisco surreal patchwork should and will definitely inspire him!





... and his new project

Stay tuned!

We wish you a nice encounter and great artistic experience!







Faces Places, the film/documentary by and with JR and Agnès Varda, is sill showing in the Bay Area.