The Seattle-based troupe is in San Francisco to present its newest performance piece, The Language of Chance, at the Dance Mission Theater.


We were so lucky because we could attend the general rehearsal of The Language of Chance by the Acrobatic Conundrum.


As soon as it started, we fell under the charm of the troupe and its performance.


It is a mix of dance, theater, and circus. It seems like all the circus arts are represented with the trapeze, the rope, the ribbon, contortionism acts, acrobatics... and also a clown, melancholic, daydreaming, sweet, funny, supposedly clumsy.


It is one of these shows that you would like to see last even more. It's like those books and their characters that you keep in mind a long time after you finished reading them.


The Language of Chance reminded us of Jeunet and Caro movies, a bit also of Brazil. And we found out that the show was inspired by author Jorge Luis Borges’ magical realist tale, The Library of Babel. Now we really understand the subtle dramatic intensity of the whole plot.


If Circus is supposed to make you dream, The Language of Chance is a total success. It is poetic, funny, sensitive, moving, conceptual, creative, with sophisticated and yet very simple set and costumes, and a meticulous, detailed and inventive staging and directing.



Thank you so much for this delightful graceful moment!



The Language of Chance

presented by The Acrobatic Conundrum

@ the Dance Mission Theater

March 20-22, 2015

Kids are welcome - 7 and +

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