Calling a cab in San Francisco is not as easy and funny as in NY!!

Forget about the yellow cab braking in front of you as soon as you think of raising your hand.

But, if you have the appropriate phone number saved on your Iphone, you'll get one quite quickly.

So here are some numbers to call...





SF Green Cab -- 415-626-GREEN (4733)  Their website

It is a drivers owned company, which gives a clue about their commitment. 


Arrow Cab Company -- (415) 648-3181


Big Dog City Cab & City Wide Dispatch – Dispatch (24 Hours) - (415) 920-0700, (415) 920-0701, (415) 920-0702


DeSoto Cab Company -- (415) 970-1370


Yellow Cab Cooperative 

Super easy to remember. You wait a bit sometimes, but in the end, no unpleasant surprise. It does work!

(415) 333-3333


Luxor Cab

(415) 282-4141

GDS Travel Ltd -- (415) 554-9856


United Cab --  (415) 552-8562


American Taxi Cab -- (415) 775-3315


National Cab Company -- (415) 648-4444


Black & White Checker Cabs -- (415) 285-3800





It might be interesting if you're one or a couple. Actually, 2 families can share a van considering the fact that their rate does include one pick up.

For a family with 4-5 members, and with a relatively reasonable number of luggage, a regular cab should be fine. Expect a 45 to 55$ ride fare to SFO, tip included, with a regular cab.


American Airporter Shuttle 

Prices start at 17$ per person. They offer fixed rates for some destinations like SFO. Also offer Site seeing tours.

Visit their website


Go SFO Van -- En savoir plus

Rates start @ 15$ per person. They also offer a van for 7 persons for 75$ (to SFO).





Quicksilver Towncar  

Excellent reputation.

A bit more expensive than a regular cab, but sometimes it's worth having a car waiting for you when you land from a long trip.

129 Kissling St 

Visit their website


TLC Transportation

Wide range of services including tours, airport shuttles, limos... They offer special fares for some specific hotels customers. The Hilton hotel on Union Square is one of them.

Visit their website


AAA Bay Area Limousine & Sedan Services

Good reputation. Also offer prom limos with champagne bars as an option...

Visit their website


San Francisco Limousine

(415) 399-1333



Prestige Limousine 

(800) 551-9664



San Francisco Limo

(800) 851-4294



Limousines-Associated Of San Francisco -

(415) 822-5466 



Elite San Francisco

(866) 964-7433