We just discovered this website dedicated to kids. Love at first sight!



We simply fell in love, fell under the charm, we like the little gifts, we feel like it is so sad that our kids grew way too quickly and got rid of their "doudous", we think that we found exactly what we were looking for to decorate the baby's bedroom with fancy details, we are pretty sure that our pregnant friend is going to love us for our birthgift, we also think that the rabbit lamp will be the perfect touch on our own nightstand!



Honestly, everything is so charming on Sundayincolor: the name, the design, the items, the graphics. the set up.






Take a look on your own! We really loved :


The doudous (We always loved the doudous! Fyi, doudous are these tiny or not, cuddly baby's companions that will accompany them in cries, giggles, dreams and fun.), especially the rabbit, but also the elephant, the teeny tiny little mouse, white dotted Bambi...

Ok, let's stop. Take a look at them!… 


The lamps… The flower lanterns, the squirrel, the rabbit. So cute! And we have not even mentioned the mushroom!


We also love... the pockets organizers, the stationery items, the boxes-bags-small suitcases, so conveniently fancy on the changing table (or in the diaper bag). Let's be stylish!



Enjoy, order your favorites, share the website with friends and then, the whole week will be in color!






Sunday in color