A bunch of French movies to watch in SF.








2 days in New York by and with Julie Delpy.

Julie Delpy is really amazing. Her "2 days in Paris" was hilarious. Now she comes back and this time in NY, she is in a relationship with Chris Rock and has a young son. She is kind of crazy but when you meet her family arriving from France (with cheese and sausages hidden under their clothes!), you understand why: her dad is an old mad hippie, her sister is a loony ecccentric character, and his ex-boyfriend (now her sister's one) outrageous. Chris Rock stares at this hectic family and wonders if everything is real! And Julie Delpy talks a lot, with a slight and sweet French accent, with a lot of humor, sometimes provocative, and she tries to figure out with Chris Rock how their couple's relationship will walk away this chaos.



The Intouchables

No need to introduce them any longer. The Weinstein would like to lead the movie to the Oscars. The movie is great and inspiring. 

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Farewell my queen by Benoît Jacquot.

The movie is still showing since its symbolic release for Bastille Day. We really loved the duo Diane Kruger - Léas Seydoux in a dull Versailles that does not realize its fate is at stake.

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Beloved by Christophe Honoré.

Beloved, the latest film from French writer-director Christophe Honoré (Love Songs, Dans Paris) is a sly and lovely romantic musical drama spanning three decades as it follows a mother and daughter's misadventures in love. Starring Catherine Deneuve and (her real-life daughter) Chiara Mastroianni - with an all-star supporting cast that includes Ludivine Sagnier, Louis Garrel, Paul Schneider and Milos Forman - the film was the closing night selection of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and a special gala presentation of the Toronto Film Festival.

The story...

In the freewheeling Paris of the '60s, young Madeleine (Ludivine Sagnier) - who has gone from selling shoes to sleeping with men for money - falls for a handsome Czech doctor, Jaromil (Rasha Bukvic), who she soon marries and joins in Prague. A baby daughter is born, but Jaromil's infidelities and the arrival of Russian tanks in Prague lead Madeleine back to France - though the love between them still burns. Thirty years later in London, we follow Madeleine's daughter, Vera (Chiara Mastroianni), who has fallen in love with a musician (American actor Paul Schneider) who is incapable of devoting himself to her, while her ex (Honoré regular Louis Garrel) still pines for her. Meanwhile, in Paris, a re-married Madeleine (Catherine Deneuve) has rekindled her love affair with Jaromil (Milos Forman). Frequent Honoré collaborator Alex Beaupain (Love Songs, Dans Paris) composed the emotional, Cesar-nominated score for this light-hearted but ultimately moving exploration of the changing nature of relationships.

Ended on August 31.