Here is a short recap of all the information we shared to help you spend a great Halloween, well costumed, nicely decorated, and slightly high on sugar of course.

9 Halloween events in San Francisco you and your kids should not want to miss!


We tried to list all the Holidays fairs we could think of, taking place in San Francisco, from the tiny ones to the large events. We listed them by dates and by location in the Bay. Should help, shouldn't it?

Like a private sale with neatly selected designers and brands. Everything is nice, sweet, stylish, for your little ones or for yourself, with a local touch that tends to be Frenchy sometimes.

Bilingual French/English summer camps in San Francisco and the Bay Area are such a great opportunity for your kids. We made a selection out of the great array of choice for a summer in SF with a French touch.

Partner article - Your kid's favorite's cuddly toy's safety is so essential. Clearly, family's peacefulness and tranquility do rely on it! The French team behind OLIBA's launching knows about that.

Last minute Holiday shopping tips to be gourmet, elegant, cute, bautiful, and definitely SF. Happy Holidays!

Store has closed.

The new kids clothes boutique in San Francisco that will make you want to have kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, good friends with kids... just to be able to buy them gifts!

For your little ones... think local! Order now and take advantage of the special offer on behalf of LostinSF!

On Halloween's evening, once it's starting to get dark and you are all dressed up with your favorite halloween costume, head to the best Trick or Treat streets and neighborhoods in San Francisco.

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