To move forward with our articles series dedicated to Santa Cruz and conceived by Laura from the blog Far West Coast, below is a selection of 10 addresses to complete your local experience. 

Acoté, the French clothing brand, chose San Francisco to open its first retail location in the US. Good choice! Thank you.

Opening party on Thursday, October 2, 2014: 10% off the whole collection!

There is like a Parisian Fashion breeze in San Francisco's air with the newly opened boutique Pascaline Paris.

The new label Les Petits Carreaux connects San Francisco and Paris through a great kids clothing collection, designed in France and made here. We love it!

San Francisco has a reputation to look like a European city, with small boutiques and cafes. And that’s what we love about it.

Summer is getting closer. You can feel the urge to get dressed forr the sun. The French sister brands have a special offer for you. 

You already knew the French Fair, organized by Flavors of France. Here comes the Spring French Market. Mark your calendar with an ''F'' as in French for May 6, all day, in Sunnyvale.

We tried to list all the Holidays fairs we could think of, taking place in San Francisco, from the tiny ones to the large events. We listed them by dates and by location in the Bay. Should help, shouldn't it?

Like a private sale with neatly selected designers and brands. Everything is nice, sweet, stylish, for your little ones or for yourself, with a local touch that tends to be Frenchy sometimes.

The highly expected collection Isabel Marant for H&M will hit stores all around the world (and in San Francisco) on November 3. Be prepared. Kenzo went wild for H&M!

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