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In spite of the all digital world we live in, San Francisco has so many bookstores that asserted themselves as strong and hopefully evergreen landmarks in the City.




New and used books


Russian Hill Bookstore

Polk meeting place. Pretty warm and friendly store where you will find... books (used ones), but also greeting cards and miscellaneous gifts and widgets.

The Virgin Megastore closed, shot down by the economic crisis... Another history page that sadly got turned over!


Music is certainly easily accessible (sometimes, it is even too simple...)

For our favorite singers from France, Germany, Spain..., Amazon is the most convenient  and effective way to buy their CDs. Yet, some local stores make a point of offering a pretty wide range of music styles, not only including British Pop music.



Chain stores and online video rentals



A monthly flat rate, DVDs by mail, pretty wide range, on-demand internet streaming videos...

Very affordable service (monthly fees below 20$) and quite convenient process.

The website



With the tradition of the super heroes, the Fantastic 4's and other Marvel characters, comics stores are quite different here from their european counterparts.

Passionate readers will be delighted!



Comix experience

305 Divisadero -- @ Page street

Et Comix Experience Outpost

2381 Ocean av.



Al’s Comics

1803 Market -- Juste avant Octavia



Online, Amazon... but is it worth mentioning it?



Large general chainstores:

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