Shoe stores in San Francisco

San Francisco does shelter most of the styles!

Walk on flat, wedge, platform or stiletto heels as if you were on a fashion show or basically in the real life, when you go to the park with the kids or out at night, to be stylish or simply casual, to try Lady Gaga's style or just run around low profile.


Major retail brands vie with each other in colors, shapes, materials, heights, styles and ... prices!


Discount stores developed another way of shopping, offering attractive and even bargain prices on shoes from a wide range of styles and brands (but not only luxury).


We listed some attractive independent stores (multibrand stores or single-brand stores) that are part of the wide choice and style array in the city, including elegant casual, stylish dressy style or on the opposite practical, comfy trend.


Top luxury brands are also well represented. You can find them in some specific department stores or some super stylish and ''chic'' stores located in Union Square, Jackson Square, Fillmore and Union street to mention only a few.