School supplies


Back To School !

Binders, notebooks, lined paper, workbooks, rulers, pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks... Check out our selection of addresses for school and/or office supplies.




Office Max

1750 Harrison street, Mission

3700 Geary blvd, Richmond


Office Depot

2300 16th street, Mission

33 Third street, SoMa



Very convenient all throughout the year, and not only in September.



Large quantities @ low price.

450 10th street, SoMa.


Morrison School supply

School supplies specialist in Sunnyvale.

400 Industrial Rd, San Carlos

560 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale



Some neighborhood stationery stores :


Just for fun

Qualitative stationery department as well as art supplies.

3982 24th street, Noe Valley.


Sunset Stationers.

Good selection for fountain pens for example.

1248 9th avenue, Inner Sunset.


Gable’s Stationery

Good to know for last minute shopping.

5636 Geary bld, Outer Richmond.



Don't forget to go to Maido in the Westfield Mall or in Japan Town. One of our favorite stationery stores!



At last:


You can also shop at Art supplies stores even for school supplies (they have plenty of fountain pens, qualitative notebooks, fancy pencil cases, colorpens...)

For the one who can't do without very specific brands (Clairefontaine for the frenchies, Waterman...), take a look @



You should know Daiso et Ichi Ban Kan in Japan Town, in the Sunset district on Irving or in Daly City. They offer so many things that you will get used to visit their stores again and again...