Riles, the French rapper, is (actually not) coming to San Francisco

[update] His concert at the Independent just got cancelled. It is quite disappointing. Yet it should not prevent you from taking a look and listen to some of his music if you don't him already. You might definitely be tempted to add it to your playlist.


For some years already, Rilès has been sharing an abundant production with a style and signature of his own. He is coming to San Francisco. Welcome to California!


If you don't know Rilès already, we are more than happy to introduce him to you. 


Based in Rouen (Normandy, France), Rilès studied English Literature at the local university. He is learning and doing everything by himself. He was renowned for the challenge he gave to himself which was to produce (which means write, compose, mix, edit and record!!) a new song every week for a year. 


And he did it!! It was back in 2016. And we even found out that he made an acrostic with every 1st letter of every song. The result means... ''In the meantime, time is flying by, irreplacable''. Except that the acrostic is not even in French nor in English, but in Latin... Told you. Non-standard artist!


That is when we discovered Thank God, Brothers, Should I and !Lost!... and In the Jungle... His production is really amazing by its diversity, its consistent level of quality, his inspirations from Kanye West to Marvin Gaye. Each single is a surprise.




He met a growing success and performed here and there in France for sold out concerts.


He just released his new album Marijuana and announced a tour in Euope and in the US with a stop in NY, LA, SF and Montréal.



His latest video for Marijuana is featuring Snoop Dogg. 


The good thing with Rilès is that... if we had not told you he was French, you would not have guessed. Btw, he raps in English:-)




@ the Independent

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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