Reserve January 20 for a brunch at Bergerac with French DJ Zimmer...

Last minute idea, just in case you would not have anything planned yet for your Saturday brunch.


The SF DayClub has the ambition to create and organize events, choosing music and venue with a specific attention.


On January 20, they have invited the French DJ, Zimmer, to join. We found out that Zimmer is part of the label, Roche Musique, the same as for FKJ who performed recently at the Fox Theater.



To give you a better idea, here is a remix we really liked a lot...



What about Bergerac... ? Ok, we have not been there yet. But photos and pictures are really promising. And the place looks quite urban cosy. Bergerac has 4 other sister venues including the already well locally renowned Love+Propaganda. 


The only question will ... do you dance & brunch? Your call! 




With Zimmer

Saturday, January 20, 2018

@ Bergerac SF

316 11th Street, San Francisco

To buy your tickets, click here.